3.5 million people are living with some form of hearing loss, however 85% do nothing about it.

The Challenge

Cochlear’s biggest competitor is not a rival brand, but the inaction of their potential customers. Many people are in denial; others simply dismiss it as part of ‘growing old’. Our task was to disrupt the denial, raising mass awareness for hearing loss and encouraging people to take the first step to better hearing with Cochlear.

Case Film

The Solution

'Does Love Last Forever?' is a short film that acts as a hearing test in disguise. It has two different endings, depending on the viewer's hearing ability.

The film follows a couple's relationship over four decades and poses the question 'Did love last?'. For those who can hear well, their relationship remains loving. But the film is scripted and produced in such a way that people with a hearing problem perceive the relationship to deteriorate.

The Film & Microsite

The film launced in cinemas and was housed on a unique microsite giving a disguised hearing test to both audiences who viewed it.

The Hearing Assessment

Using frequency specific audio and footage from our film we developed a more in-depth hearing assessment with which users could gauge a better understanding of their hearing ability.

Results and Getting Help

Users with a low assessment score were prompted to get in touch with Cochlear to start to get the help they need.

Users with a good score were prompted to use our hearing emulation tool to get an understanding of how others hear the world.

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How we made the hearing test in disguise

“By creating something unique like the hearing test in disguise, we’re hoping to get Australians talking about hearing loss, sharing the film with people they love – especially those who may be in denial about their hearing loss – and ultimately, seeking help,”
Emma Ramsay, Clinical Education Manager & Audiologist Cochlear

Short film
‘Does Love Last Forever?

The Results

  • 136,524people had a disguised hearing test
  • 175,104visited the site
  • 10,228took our further hearing assessment
  • 14minutes average time spent on page
  • 2,662people are now getting the help they need

Delivering a Return Ratio of 25:1

8 people have already had this life changing surgery after seeing the campaign.

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